Cream Cheese Type Flavor, NAT WS (110334)

Callisons Cream Cheese Type Flavor, NAT WS (110334), empowers product developers to attain their desired flavor profile while minimizing the required cream cheese quantity in sauces, icings, and more. With a liquid physical form and water solubility, this flavor solution offers versatility and depth to your creations.

Physical FormLiquid

SolubilityWater Soluble

FlavorCream Cheese

Labeling ClaimsKosher, Natural

Safety Data Sheet

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Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Flavor Ingredient Class
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Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims


Physical Form
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Flash Pointmin. 93°C
Relative Density1.05789

Regulatory & Compliance

Chemical Inventories
Quality Standards

Safety & Health

Precautionary Measures
  • Wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product.
  • Always wash hands after handling the product.

Storage & Handling

Storage Conditions

Store locked up. Store in a well-ventilated place. Keep cool.