Oral Care Flavors Kit (OCFK24)

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With 120 years of expertise, we simply flavor creation for oral care brands, from industry leaders to new market entrants. We source high-quality mint directly from growers worldwide to deliver exceptional flavors for toothpase and mouthwash. Let us enhance your products with our proven solutions. Our Oral Care Kit will include 5 products that we have developed that can be a showcase to various oral care applications - the kit will include:

Oral Care Flavors Honey Apricot Spice Flavor N&A OS (110280)
Oral Care Flavors Mint Flavor N&A OS (112554)
Oral Care Flavors Mint Flavor N&A OS (112285)
Oral Care Flavors Mint Flavor Nat OS (112589)
Oral Care Flavors Strawberry Melon Type Flavor NAT OS (109897)

Functions: Flavoring Agent

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Benefits of working with Callisons
  • Specializing in the creation of flavors for Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Chewable Tablets and beyond.
  • Benefit from our expansive global oral care product database to master regional taste preferences.
  • Direct partnerships with mint growers ensures access to the ingredients necessary for crafting exceptional flavors.
  • Stay ahead with our market-savvy trend analysis and creation of contemporary flavor profiles.

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