Pomelo Grapefruit Type Flavor, NAT WONF WS (106421)

Callisons Pomelo Grapefruit Type Flavor, NAT WONF WS (106421): A fusion of pomelo, hop, and grapefruit flavors, capturing the essence of nature. With "Natural" and "Naturally Derived" labeling claims, it's a perfect fit for various applications, including seltzers, flavored water, carbonated drinks, and popsicles. Enhance your food and beverage creations effortlessly with this versatile flavor.

SolubilityWater Soluble

FlavorGrapefruit, Hop, Pomelo

Labeling ClaimsNatural, Naturally Derived

End UsesCarbonated Drinks, Flavored Water, Popsicles, Seltzer

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New Flavor Trends - Hop Seltzers

Cascade Hops
Hop Profile: Floral – Grapefruit - Pine
Flavor Information:

  • 104613 – Cascade Hops Type Flavor, NAT WS @ 0.25%
  • 106421 – Pomelo Grapefruit Type Flavor, NAT WONF WS @ 0.02%