Callisons Passionfruit Flavor, NAT WONF WS (104503)

Callisons Passionfruit Flavor, NAT WONF WS (104503), combines hop and passionfruit flavors in a naturally derived, water-soluble form. This flavoring agent offers a creatively curated blend that provides refreshing notes perfect for a variety of food applications. Enhance your seltzers, flavored water, craft beer, carbonated drinks, popsicles, and craft alcohol with the unique taste of Callisons Passionfruit Flavor.

Solubility: Water Soluble

Flavor: Hop, Passionfruit

Labeling Claims: Natural, Naturally Derived

End Uses: Carbonated Drinks, Craft Alcohol, Craft Beer, Flavored Water, Popsicles, Seltzer

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New Flavor Trends - Hop Seltzers

Centennial Hops
Hop Profile: Floral – Lemon – Orange Blossom
Flavor Information:

  • 104637 – Centennial Hops Type Flavor, NAT WS @ 0.25%
  • 104503 – Passionfruit Flavor, NAT WONF WS @ 0.15%